Severely Broken Bones

Broken bones can vary greatly in severity. Someone with a hairline fracture in the forearm may not miss any work and the bone will heal relatively quickly. But more serious breaks, especially to the lower extremities, can leave people disabled for weeks. If the bone does not heal properly, the sufferer can even become permanently disabled.

Causes of Bone Fractures

Our bones are remarkably strong, but extreme forces can harm them. Events such as car accidents can result in traumatic damage to even the strongest bones. Fragments of a shattered bone can cause damage to delicate structures surrounding the bone, in some cases even severing blood vessels. Surgeons today are able to piece many severe breaks back together, restoring most of its function. Nonetheless many breaks heal incorrectly, permanently limiting the sufferer’s mobility.

Some groups of people are more prone to breaks than others. Elderly people, especially women, are at an increased risk of broken bones. Osteoporosis, a condition experienced by many post-menopausal women, deteriorates bone structure and makes broken bones much more likely. Elderly people are also likelier to have limited mobility anyway and may heal more slowly than younger people.

If you have limited mobility because of a severely broken bone, you may be eligible for disability benefits from Social Security. Without the help of an experienced Indianapolis Social Security lawyer, however, it can be very difficult to understand the rules and create a successful disability claim.

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