Reporting Requirements for Disability

Disability aid from the Social Security Administration has helped millions of Americans keep their lives in order after a medical condition or injury has made it very difficult or impossible for them to maintain a regular job. If you receive disability benefits, the amount of each payment you receive depends on your previous income and your health. Changes in either can lead to changes in the amount you receive.

Since your disability payments depend on the particulars of your situation, the Social Security Administration requires people who are receiving disability to report any changes that could affect their payments. For example, if a change in your condition lets you work part-time, your disability payments will decrease. Tempting though it may be, not reporting these changes can result in criminal prosecution for disability fraud.

Although it can be easy to overlook things like updating your disability status, it is important to remember that the SSA takes changes in your circumstances very seriously. Filing an update requires a certain amount of legal paperwork, however; it is easy to make an error or accidentally present your situation inaccurately.

One way to avoid potential legal and financial complications is to have an experienced attorney review your paperwork and answer your legal questions.

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If you are unable to work because of a medical condition or injury, an Indianapolis social security disability attorney can help you receive the help you need to focus on getting well. As your situation changes, a lawyer can also help you maintain the aid you need.

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