Reasons for Disability Denial

Claims for disability are denied for a wide variety of reasons. Studies show that a person’s initial claim is denied between 60 and 70 percent of the time. This means that between only 30 and 40% of initial claims are actually approved. Obviously, there is some variation based on where the claimant lives.

While initial claims are denied at a high rate, claims submitted for reconsideration are denied at an even higher rate. 85% of all social security disability claims sent in for reconsideration are denied.

Just because a claim has been denied does not mean that the claim is good or bad. The claim may be a very good claim and can still be denied. The most basic fact of any disability claim is that the majority of good cases will be denied. The various reasons for denial, most frequently insufficient proof, force numerous people to go through the appeals process.

Once a denial letter is received, what a person does immediately after can make all of the difference in the world. When things are done well, the well-being and monetary prospects of the claimant are much more easily improved than when things are not done well.

Anyone denied social security disability benefits should not resign him or herself to being denied for all time. As soon as the claim is denied, an appeal should be filed immediately. The Social Security Administration allows an individual 60 days for an appeal to be submitted; however, claimants who have been denied should appeal their denial immediately.

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