Preparing for Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Almost 80% of Social Security disability claims are denied on their first attempt. With the majority of people receiving rejections, they will then go on to appeal the rejection and possibly face a court hearing. If you have to face an administrative law judge in court as part of your appeal, it is crucial to properly prepare before the hearing.

To make sure you are fully prepared for your Social Security disability hearing, you need the advice and assistance of a legal professional. At the Hankey Law Office, our Indianapolis social security disability lawyers are dedicated to helping you fight for the financial benefits you need to stay afloat during your period of disability. To schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys, call us today at (800) 520-3633.

How to Prepare for Your Hearing

The proper preparation for your hearing could play a large role in your case. A professional legal representative can help you prepare for your case so you can fight for the financial benefits you need to survive. Be sure to consider the following when preparing:

  • Avoid overdramatizing your situation
  • Be sure to prepare your testimony so it is credible
  • Show exactly why or how the disability prevents you from working
  • Get as much documented proof that you are suffering from a disability as you can, including medical records and witness reports

Additionally, an experienced attorney can help you prove your case for the benefits you deserve.

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