Potential Sources of Income

Any individual who is disabled and unable to work is faced with limited sources of income. Individuals who are completely disabled and are unable to retain the most basic forms of employment have an even more limited potential for income. The two main sources of income for the disabled are social security disability insurance and investments.

Social security disability provides an individual with a disability a consistent form of income on a monthly basis. While not enough to allow a person to live in a mansion, the fund is typically enough that the person is at least able to afford to care for him or herself.

Investments are a little trickier. In some cases where the person is known to be disabled from an early age and it is expected that the individual will not recover, parents or grandparents may set up a trust fund for the child in an effort to provide care for their child or grandchild when the parental caretakers are gone.

In the cases of individuals who have acquired a disability through a car accident or other source, investments can be those that were made while working or by individuals put in charge of the finances of the individual after the injury causing the disability was made. The disabled person may make investments on his or her own if mentally capable.

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