Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder, known as PTSD, develops as the result of witnessing or being victim to a terrifying event that involved physical harm or the threat of physical harm. The person suffering from PTSD may have been the one harmed, had a loved one harmed, or have witnessed a harmful event that happened to others. The disorder is most commonly associated with war veterans, but can also be seen in rape, abuse, and disaster victims.

Signs and Symptoms

Victims who suffer from PTSD can become irritable, more aggressive, and even violent as a result of something that triggers the traumatic experience in their brain. Depression, isolation, and trouble feeling affectionate are other symptoms. It is simple to understand how a condition would prevent someone suffering from PTSD from being able to maintain gainful employment.

Getting a Diagnosis

A mental-health professional is best suited and qualified for assessing and diagnosing PTSD in a patient. The process typically involves a formal evaluation by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or clinical social worker.

In the case of obtaining information to establish a disability claim, the victim may need to spend several one hour sessions with a mental-health professional. They will be questioned in depth about traumatic experiences and symptoms they may be experiencing. A spouse or partner may be asked to provide additional information.

Speak with an Indianapolis Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Lawyer

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