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Phobias and Disabilities

Fear is a natural, reasonable reaction to any dangerous situation. Sometimes, a person’s fear of a specific potential situation becomes so great, and rather unreasonable, and results in a phobia. A person’s fear is classified as a phobia when it disrupts a person’s daily life. Phobias are capable of causing fears so intense that they completely disable a person. These are among the most common of all mental illnesses.

There are a huge number of phobias that have been classified as causing a mental disability. Some of the phobias that are classified as mental disabilities include:

  • Agoraphobia
  • Anthropophobia
  • Bacillophobia, bacteriophobia, microbiophobia
  • Claustrophobia
  • Ergophobia

Just because a person has been diagnosed as having a phobia does not mean that that person is able to qualify for social security disability payments. Like any disability case, the afflicted individual must be able to show that his or her social phobia prevents him or her from being able to work full time. This is done through an analysis of the four areas of functioning that have been discussed at length.

Individuals who are afflicted with a phobia are required to show disability in a different number of areas than people with other forms of mental disability. Just like other areas, though, a person can show how his or her disability is a limitation by procuring supporting statements from family members and doctors alike.

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