Personal Injury Awards and Disability

The causes of disabilities are varied but all result in an individual not being able to live in the same way they did before the disability set in. Sometimes a person becomes disabled because of the actions of another, either through negligence or a specific intent to harm the individual. In these cases, a person may pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages from the individual or entity that caused the harm. Unfortunately, sometimes a jury award or settlement is insufficient to sustain a person for the rest of his or her life.

Another problem with jury awards and settlements is that the entity or individual that is found to be at fault by the jury is unable or unwilling to pay the settlement. While there are actions that an injured or disabled person can take to gain his or her monetary damages, if a person doesn’t have the money, it is unlikely to get very far.

While this is going on, a person may still be unable to work because of the injuries inflicted in the first place. In these cases, a person may be eligible for disability to cover his or her living expenses. It is not a guaranteed thing and might not cover all of the medical expenses that have been incurred but it is likely to be better than nothing.

Even if an injury suit has been settled effectively, the damages awarded may be insufficient to sustain an individual for the rest of his or her life. Fortunately, the disability system is in place. Individuals who are unable to find gainful employment because of injuries are likely to be able to collect social security disability benefits, particularly if the individual in question has contributed to the social security system over the years through work.

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