Parkinsonism is a medical syndrome affecting the body’s neurological system. It is characterized by tremor, decreased ability to move, muscular rigidity, and difficulty remaining standing. Although Parkinson’s disease is the most common cause of Parkinsonism, there are a number of other potential causes of this syndrome.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative condition characterized by a massive decrease in the ability of certain neurons to produce the neurotransmitter dopamine. Scientists and doctors understand the symptoms of it and the general mechanism, but there is no specific cause behind every case of Parkinson’s disease. It is not caused by a virus or bacteria, and the vast majority of people who develop Parkinson’s disease are the only person in their family to do so.

Recent research suggests that as many as 10% of all cases of Parkinsonism have a genetic link, but other causes are much rarer. It is possible for certain medications to induce Parkinsonism, in particular, those that affect the body’s dopamine levels. This includes a number of medications that have been used to treat psychiatric disorders.

Parkinsonism can be a profoundly debilitating condition. It gradually decreases a sufferer’s ability to control muscle movement and, given enough time, can prove fatal. It is possible to treat the symptoms and slow down the disease, but there is no known cure.

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