Neck Injuries and Disability

The neck, when taken separately from the back, is a very complicated section of the body. Joint wise, the back and neck are probably the most difficult areas to heal once they are injured. While people may experience nagging injuries that affect other joints, a persistent neck injury can lay a person up for weeks, sometimes even months, at a time.

There are a number of categories of neck injuries that are possible. One of the most common types of injury is the muscle spasm. In this type of injury, the muscles of the neck and shoulders contract painfully. Muscle strains are another type of injury that occurs commonly in necks.

A stinger is another class of neck injury. This injury involves the nerves as opposed to the muscles. It frequently occurs when the neck is forced to rotate or tilt excessively. This type of injury is commonly caused by impact and can be an effect of contact sports like football.

The final broad group of injuries is the fracture. This type of injury has the greatest potential to be extremely serious. In it, the bones that make up the neck are broken somehow. When this happens, the tiny pieces of bone can sever the spinal column and result in paralysis.

While not as common as back injuries, it is possible to have a neck injury that results in a person’s life being affected to the degree that it will qualify for disability.

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