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Mental Illness and Social Security

When an individual has a mental illness, he or she may not be aware of the behaviors and symptoms they exhibit. The person often realizes that he or she can’t work or keeps losing his or her job but is unaware of why. These factors make it difficult for an individual with a mental illness to obtain social security disability benefits.

In cases of mental illness, it is imperative that friends, family, doctors, and former employers write letters and reports concerning an individual’s mental illness in order for a claim to be successful. People other than the mentally ill individual in question are much more likely to notice things that are said or done that make it impossible for the person to work.

A doctor, particularly a psychiatrist or psychologist, is a key individual for proving disability to the Social Security Administration. A doctor’s report is likely to carry more weight if the doctor has been treating the individual in question for an extended period of time.

An individual with a mental illness must be able to prove that his or her illness is severe enough that it prevents him or her from working. However, if an individual can’t realize what the problems are and doesn’t know how to express the workplace problems, then he or she is unable to articulate why he or she should receive social security benefits. At the same time, if the person is too good at writing the reports necessary for the social security judge, the person will be rejected as clearly not having a mental illness.

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