Invisible Disabilities

Many people who are eligible for Social Security benefits exhibit outward signs of their disability, like lost limbs, inability to walk without assistance, or other impairments that are easy to identify. Disabilities that are harder to identify at first glance are referred to as “invisible disabilities” and are often as crippling as obvious physical disabilities.

It is important to understand that there may be certain disabilities that are difficult to spot, especially since many fraud claims are wrongly filed against individuals who are suffering from invisible disabilities. If you would like more information about invisible disabilities, contact the Indianapolis Social Security lawyers of the (800) 520-3633 at (800) 520-3633.

“Invisible” Disabilities

Individuals with invisible disabilities may be able to walk without difficulty, operate a motor vehicle, and lift heavy objects. These abilities do not necessarily mean that they are committing Social Security fraud by filing for assistance. Invisible disabilities may include:

  • Mental impairment
  • Slight physical disability
  • Physical pains that do not manifest themselves outwardly
  • Illnesses that are in remission
  • Episodic disabilities

Before accusing someone of fraud, it is important to consider that they may be suffering from a disability that is not easy to identify upon quick inspection. This does not mean that you should not report fraud if you are aware of it, but it is helpful to know that there are many different types of disability.

Contact an Indianapolis Disability Lawyer

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