Individualized Plan for Employment

When you have endured a seriously disabling injury or medical condition, disability assistance from the state can help you manage your healthcare costs and return to the work as soon as possible. Even if you cannot fulfill the functions of your previous job, programs like Social Security will work with you to build your skills and help you find new employment. Qualifying for these services can be difficult, however, without the help of an experienced Indianapolis disability lawyer.

What Is an IPE?

The state of Indiana helps disabled workers return to work through an Individualized Plan for Employment. You can work with them to create a plan custom-tailored to your condition and needs. Your plan will take your skills, work history, and health into consideration to determine what services suit you best. This can include placement and follow-up services to make your transition back to the workplace a smooth one.

Your Individualized Plan for Employment may contain help with your medical bills and rehabilitation. Job placement services can help you find a workplace that suits your needs and abilities. If you need training or education for a new line of work, you can receive help with this as well. Long after you return to work, this education and job training will continue to serve you for the rest of your life.

Disability has helped millions of people, but it can be difficult to get. Even for many serious disabilities, it can be difficult to prove to the state that you need the services of an Individualized Plan for Employment.

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