Down’s Syndrome and Disability

Down’s syndrome is a disorder that is caused by an error in the chromosomes. In this disorder, the twenty-first chromosome has some variation to it and has more genetic material than needed. There are three general classifications of Down’s syndrome.

The first classification is Trisomy 21. This is the type of Down’s that occurs 95% of the time. This version of Down’s syndrome involves a third 21st chromosome when a person is only supposed to have a pair of each of the chromosomes. One chromosome is received from the mother and the other from the father. The other two types of Down’s syndrome are Mosaic and Robertsonian translocation. There is a fourth type of Down’s syndrome in which there is a partial duplication of the 21st chromosome. This type is so rare that there is no statistical data on it.

Down’s syndrome occurs in roughly one out of every 800 to 1000 births. Of all of the cases, roughly 95% of all cases are attributed to Trisomy 21. When a person has Down’s syndrome, he or she will frequently have almond shaped eyes, one crease in the palm of the hand, shorter limbs, congenital heart problems, hearing difficulties, protruding tongue, and difficulties speaking.

In addition to the physical symptoms, an individual with Down’s syndrome is likely to have some developmental delays and mild to moderate retardation. The effects of Down’s syndrome vary widely from person to person so with a good environment and educational opportunities, an individual with Down’s syndrome can still experience a good or high quality of life.

Many parents are concerned that their child will not be eligible for social security disability benefits with Down’s syndrome. The Social Security Administration, while diagnosis is important, focuses on the functional limitations that a claimant has. In other words, the label placed on a child does not matter but rather what the child is able or unable to do is important.

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