Heart Transplants and Disability Coverage

For someone with severe coronary artery disease or a heart that is on the verge of failure, a heart transplant can offer a new lease on life and many happy years to come. Of course a heart transplant is not a simple medical procedure, although thousands of them have been performed since the procedure became common in the 1950s.

It can take a patient some time after a transplant to recover. During that time, many patients will qualify for disability insurance from the Social Security Administration. If you receive a heart transplant, you are generally considered to be automatically eligible for disability for a period of one year. At the end of a year, a review can be performed to determine whether you should stay on disability or not. In addition, you must meet certain income requirements to qualify for disability for any condition.

Unfortunately heart transplants are not yet on the list of diseases eligible for a compassionate allowance from the SSA. The compassionate allowance is a type of “advance payment” from the SSA, prior to a full decision. Although a heart transplant is a major operation, compassionate allowances are typically given to people who have conditions like pancreatic cancer. Transplants extend lives, while pancreatic cancer can kill in only a matter of weeks.

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