Extra Help for Prescription Costs

Millions of America’s senior citizens receive Medicare benefits to help them look after their health after retirement. Medicare has proven very effective at helping our elders, but sometimes it is not enough. Many seniors cannot afford the extra cost of prescriptions, beyond what Medicare can cover, because of personal financial difficulties. Since many people need certain prescriptions to maintain their health, this can be a serious problem.

Fortunately the Social Security Administration has a program known as Extra Help which provides seniors with extra money to cover their prescriptions. If your resources are less than $12,500 per person, and your income per individual is less than $16,245 per year, you may qualify for Extra Help. These resources include bank accounts and stocks, but do not include houses or cars.

Many seniors have Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, but sometimes that is not enough. Medicare drug coverage plans can require monthly premiums and prescription co-pays, expenses some people cannot afford after retirement. Certain prescriptions can be very expensive, even after insurance or Medicare pay for most of the cost. The Extra Help program helps you meet these expenses without putting your financial wellbeing and your health at risk.

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