Epilepsy and Disability

Many people are unaware that the neurological disorder known as epilepsy is not just a single disorder with the same recurring symptoms, but actually a group of syndromes that may vary greatly in symptoms and severity. The common thread among the many syndromes that comprise epilepsy is the recurrence of unprovoked seizures due to abnormal neuron activity in the brain.

People who suffer from epilepsy may have trouble performing tasks such as driving, operating machinery, working with textiles, and other job requirements. Individuals who experience frequent and severe epileptic symptoms may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. If you would like more information on epilepsy and Social Security disability, contact the Indianapolis Social Security disability attorneys of the Hankey Law Office, at (800) 520-3633.

How to Recognize an Epileptic Seizure

Although seizures are often quite easy to spot, there are several different types of seizures including:

  • Generalized seizures – also known as “grand mal” seizures, this type of seizure may be preceded by a noise or a sound, followed by rhythmic shaking and movement. The individual’s eyes typically remain open and he or she may not breathe for the duration of the seizure.
  • Partial seizure—also known as “focal” seizures, involving only a part of the brain, causing seizure-like symptoms to only part of the body. The parts involved may only make slight movements and the individual may seem confused during the episode.
  • Absence – also known as “petit-mal” seizures, most frequently affecting children and may not extend into adulthood. Persons suffering from absence seizures may stare blankly ahead for brief periods of time and may make erratic movements for the typically short duration of the seizure.

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