Disability and Health Insurance

Those who are disabled and unable to work all have unique circumstances, but many disabled persons experience a lack of money, a lack of health insurance, and a lack of access to prescriptions. All cases are unique but these are the most commonly seen problems.

A lack of money is especially problematic because it is essential for bills like rent or mortgage payments as well as utilities. The lack of money, often caused because the individual is disabled and unable to work, also contributes to the problem of a lack of health insurance.

The lack of health insurance is a problem on a number of fronts. First of all, it means that any medical expenses must be paid for completely out of pocket, exacerbating the problem of a lack of money. Next, it creates problems for getting approved via a disability examiner or an administrative law judge.

Without health insurance or the funds to go to a doctor, a disabled person can’t have the necessary treatment or present a recent medical history. This interferes with the problem of getting approved for disability, which goes back to the first problem again. The final problem is also tied to a lack of health insurance in that without health insurance, prescription medications are not available.

Fortunately, many doctors are willing to continue seeing a patient who cannot currently pay if they know the patient has filed for Medicaid or any other aid organizations. Disability, however, is slightly more difficult than Medicaid to receive and implement.

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