Disability Due to Car Accidents

It is possible, despite all of the safety features of cars, for a person to be injured in a way in a car accident that can prevent that person from working in the future. Even after a law suit has been settled to cover the costs of medical care and the lost wages during recovery, it is possible that an injury incurred during a car accident can flair up in the future and prevent a person from working.

In order for a person to receive disability, he or she must be able to show that his or her injury or condition will prevent working for at least a year. In addition, it must be proven that the injury or condition prevents the person from carrying on his or her daily activities in a timely, unhampered fashion.

When a car accident is the cause of an injury or condition that prevents work, it is most likely something tied to the person’s back or severe injuries to bones. Backs are one of the most vulnerable areas of the body. There are numerous muscles, tendons, and ligaments that can be damaged in a car accident and require years to heal. In addition, many back injuries prevent a person from sitting up or in the same position for an extended period. These injuries can make working at a desk a very difficult thing.

In addition to the problems with sitting or standing for extended periods, there can be problems with shooting pains through the legs and feet. All of the injuries from a car accident can probably to some degree result in disability, depending on what is required for recovery.

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