Developmental Disorders and Disability

People who live with developmental disorders must deal with a range of difficulties unfamiliar to others. Developmental disorders, including autism, affect a person’s ability to interact normally with other people and society at large. If you or someone you love have a developmental disorder, filing for Social Security disability may help you live a fuller, more independent life.

Living with a developmental disorder may mean having only limited communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal. Difficulty picking up on social cues, or even just the social significance of a situation or exchange, can make it a struggle to live independently at all. People who are capable of living independently might still find activities like going to the store overwhelming, however, and holding down a job may be out of the question.

That is why people with developmental disorders stand to benefit greatly from filing for disability. Regular monthly payments from disability, possibly combined with other benefits such as housing subsidies, make it possible for people who cannot maintain regular work to live full lives without struggling to stay fed.

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