Depression as a Disability

Not all disabilities are physical. Sometime a job can be so stressful that it can actually cause someone to become depressed to the point that he or she cannot function. Although this is not a physical disability, the Social Security Administration (SSA) does recognize it as a disability that is eligible for disability claims.

There is four step process to determine whether or not you are eligible for this disability pay:

  • 1. The SSA requires that the victim send all their medical records into the federal government for processing. This includes your complete medical records and history of physical and mental ailments. If you have been to any psychologist or have ever been treated for a mental illness, this is the time to find those records.
  • 2. If you do not have enough evidence from your medical records alone, the SSA will ask you to have a medical examination, paid for by the government, to check you mental health. If the doctor thinks that you are severely depressed and need help, they will put in their recommendation to the SSA.
  • 3. Next, there will be an investigation into how the now diagnosed depression is affecting the person’s everyday life and activities. If it is greatly interfering with the person’s life, the case will progress to the final stage.
  • 4. The investigation will look for several things, four of which you must have: loss of interest in everything, change in weight, insomnia, no energy, overwhelming guilt, loss of concentration, or suicidal tendencies. If you have several of these symptoms it is likely that the SSA will grant your benefits.

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