Denied Social Security Disability Benefits

With the federal deficit growing at breakneck speeds, the amount of money available for Social Security Disability Benefits is decreasing. This means that the number of claims that are being turned down is growing. This does not mean, however, that all of the cases that are being denied do not deserve money. If your claim is denied, there are several things you can do to appeal the ruling.

First, you need to decide if you will actually appeal your case with the SSA, or if you will just file a brand new social security claim. To better make the decision for you case you need to understand the circumstances of your case and which will benefit you more.

If you go for the appeal you need to submit a request for review to the SSA. This will start the appeal process. There are three decisions they can make. One is that they will deny your case out right. Two, they can overturn the original denial. Or three, they can recall the case to a hearing if they believe an error has been made.

However, if your claim is denied, it may be easier to resubmit a new claim. You may get a more sympathetic judge, or you may be able to prove your case better after more time has passed.

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