Cystic Fibrosis and Disability

Cystic fibrosis is a, usually, genetic disease that results in a buildup of mucus and whatnot in the lungs. Because of a problem with the lungs, they are unable to deal with the mucus and remove it from the lungs. This results in serious problems breathing. As a result, any illness that causes an increase in the amount of fluid or mucus in or near the lungs can be threatening.

Because of its high fatality rate and the severity of the condition, individuals with cystic fibrosis typically are able to receive disability payments from the Social Security Administration with minimal fuss. They are frequently awarded benefits even if not all of the symptoms are met completely. Children are treated the same as adults if they have cystic fibrosis.

In order for a person to be eligible for disability payments, the symptoms experienced must be severe. Some of the symptoms commonly examined and listed as requirements by the Social Security Administration include:

Episodes of bronchitis, pneumonia, hemoptysis, or respiratory failure that require physician intervention and occur at least once every 2 months or a minimum 6 times in a year

Persistent pulmonary infection that is accompanied by additional recurrent, symptomatic episodes of bacterial infections that occur at least once every 6 month and require either intravenous antibiotics or an inhaler

An EFV1 value, measured by spirometry, which satisfies the table below:

Height without Shoes (In Inches)&nbsp             FEV1 (in liters)

  • 60 or less                                           1.45
  • 61 – 63                                              1.55
  • 64 – 65                                              1.65
  • 66 – 67                                              1.75
  • 68 – 69                                              1.85
  • 70 – 71                                              1.95
  • 72 or more                                         2.05

Any individual with cystic fibrosis puts his or her life at risk every flu season. The Social Security Administration realizes the severity of the disease and has made efforts to ensure that individuals with CF are not forced to work themselves to death.

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