Common Social Security Disability Benefits Terms

There are many different terms that specifically apply to Social Security disability law. Because it is such a specific type of law, many people do not fully understand the lingo. When you suffer a devastating injury or develop a condition that keeps you from working for at least a year, you may not be sure how you will be able to make enough money to support your family. You need an experienced and dedicated Social Security disability benefits lawyer to help you fight for the disability benefits you need.

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Common SSD Terms

Some of the most common and important Social Security disability terms include:

  • Substantial Gainful Activity – the maximum dollar amount a beneficiary can earn every month while still qualifying for benefits
  • Alleged Onset Date – the exact date that a person began suffering from his or her disability
  • Cessation – when a person’s benefits are discontinued because they no longer meet Social Security disability requirements
  • On the Record Decision – when a judge grants benefits to the beneficiary

To make sure you understand all the small details of Social Security disability law and how it may affect your life, contact an attorney today.

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