Claiming Your Spouse’s Social Security Benefits

When couples begin planning for retirement, one of the biggest factors is figuring out whether or not they will be able to draw enough money from Social Security to pay for expenses and live a comfortable lifestyle. Figuring out how much you can draw from your spouse’s plan in case he or she passes away before reaching the retirement age is an important piece of information in order to properly plan for retirement. And while it is difficult to think about losing a loved one, it is important to know your options in case of the worst.

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Widow and Widower Benefit Guidelines

One of the biggest concerns for many couples is what will happen if one spouse passes away before the age of 65. The living spouse without benefits of his or her own would typically be entitled to a widow’s/widower’s benefits based on the deceased spouse’s earnings at the time of death. The Social Security Administration also covers these other situations:

  • Widow or widower at full retirement age or older: 100 percent of benefits
  • Widow or widower between ages of 60 and 64: 71 to 94 percent of benefits
  • Widow or widower at any age with child under the age of 16: 75 percent of benefits
  • Children would receive 75 percent as well

There are also laws outlining when the widow or widower can draw benefits. He or she may not draw until age 60 unless he or she is disabled, caring for a child under 16 or caring for a disabled child.

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