Chiropractic Treatment and Social Security

Individuals who have become seriously disabled because of a medical condition or an accident can seek help from the Social Security Administration to pay for their medical bills. A wide number of conditions can qualify you for disability, so long as you can prove that your condition prevents you from working; but not every treatment can be sought for every condition.

For certain conditions, the SSA will pay for chiropractic medicine. Millions of people seek chiropractic treatment for a variety of illnesses, from skeletal disorders to asthma. Although many people are skeptical about the effectiveness of chiropractic, the SSA has approved its use for certain conditions affecting the muscular, nervous, and skeletal systems of the body. Before it will pay for chiropractic treatment, however, the SSA has a number of requirements that must be met.

Qualifications for Receiving Chiropractic Care

Many insurance plans cover chiropractic care for nearly any condition, but the SSA largely limits its coverage to conditions affecting the structures of the spine and the muscles around it. This includes conditions that limit the spine’s range of motion, pains originating from the nerves, and a range of other aches, strains, or pains related to the spine. For nearly every other condition, however, the SSA will likely deny coverage.

If you have become seriously disabled, and believe chiropractic care would be helpful in restoring your health, you may be able to receive assistance from the Social Security Administration. Frequently, however, getting any disability help at all can be an uphill battle. That’s why having a lawyer on your side is crucial for helping to ensure that you receive the assistance you need.

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