Can a Fugitive Felon Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

When someone gets injured or develops a severe medical condition and can no longer work for over a year, he or she needs financial compensation to pay bills and stay out of debt. Filing for Social Security disability benefits is one way a person can receive benefits while missing work. In order to receive disability benefits, you have to apply through the Social Security Administration. And while almost anyone can apply if they are working and paying taxes, fugitive felons are not eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

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Fugitive Felons and SSI Benefits

If someone has an unsatisfied warrant out, he or she cannot legally be eligible for benefits during that month. You cannot have a warrant for:

  • Violating any condition of parole or probation
  • A felony crime
  • Attempted crime
  • Fleeing the scene of a crime or accident in order to avoid prosecution

There are many stipulations and laws concerning Social Security disability benefits so make sure you speak with a qualified legal representative today if you have any questions or concerns.

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