Be Informed about Social Security Fraud

Employees of the Social Security Agency are very thorough about investigating every application for disabilities benefits. Unfortunately, it is necessary for them to do so, as social security fraud is a consistent problem across the country. People who are trying to receive social security can be victims of this fraud in many ways. They can:

  • Have a valid application denied due to paranoia about fraud
  • Be victims of a scam or corrupt SSA employee
  • Be accused of fraud due to honest mistakes on an application

Fraud Committed by some SSD Recipients

Dishonest people can take advantage of social security in many ways, including:

  • Submitting false statements about disability, number of beneficiaries, or income
  • Concealing facts that would disqualify them for benefits, such as being in jail
  • Bribing SSA employees

Of course, it is possible that a person who has submitted technically incorrect information to the SSA did not do so on purpose. The paperwork involved in applying for benefits can be very complex, and it is easy to get confused while filling it out.

Dangers to SSD Recipients

Unfortunately, disabled people who need government assistance are vulnerable to a number of scams, including:

  • Having their identities stolen by impersonators of SSA employees
  • Having their money stolen or mishandled by representative payees
  • Theft committed by corrupt SSA employees

How an Indianapolis SSD Attorney can Help

An experienced attorney can help you ensure that the paperwork you submit to the SSD is complete and correct. He or she can also help you learn about protecting yourself from fraud. Finally, if your application is rejected or you are suspected of fraud, he or she can work to get you the benefits you need while protecting your legal rights.

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