Back Injuries and Disability

Contrary to popular belief or opinion, one does not have to be on one’s deathbed or afflicted with a condition that leads in that direction to collect social security disability payments. One of many afflictions that allows for disability claims are injuries to the back and neck.

The back, or spinal column, is typically a very vulnerable area for injuries. This is because of the large amount of stress that it is expected to bear and the level of flexibility of the entire area of the body. Generally, a back injury will be the immediate or cumulative result of lifting, carrying, handling, holding, or lowering of objects of various weights and sizes.

Once an injury to the back occurs, it can take years for it to heal completely. Some people never completely recover from a back injury and are forced to live with recurring pain and problems. The back is a tricky piece of the body with lots of pieces that can be injured.

According to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than a million people suffer from some sort of back injury on an annual basis. In addition, twenty percent of all injuries in the workplace are tied to the back in some way. Overall, a quarter of all workers’ compensation claims are founded in an injury to the back. Obviously, not all injuries are related to the workplace.

One of the most common questions when dealing with back injuries is whether they are eligible for social security disability benefits. There is no simple answer to this question. While the Social Security Administration has some conditions that automatically qualify for disability, every other affliction is based on a wide variety of factors that are all used to evaluate the condition.

Further complicating the answer to this question is that the disability evaluation system employed by the Social Security Administration is not geared towards a claimant’s diagnosis but rather to the limits placed on a claimant’s daily life by a condition.

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