Autism and Disability

Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate, as well as social interaction skills. In most children, autism is present from birth and is usually recognized within the first three years of life.

Infants who have autism are likely to not be as attentive to social interaction and may not smile, laugh, babble, or focus on stimuli as much as infants who do not have autism. As they reach the toddler stage, autistic children frequently exhibit less eye contact and also show a lack of communication skills. They may also demonstrate repetitive or limited behavior.

Every child with autism does not react in the same way or exhibit the same behaviors. There are many signs of autism and any symptom exhibited can be exhibited to varying degrees. For a child to be diagnosed, he or she must show a minimum of six symptoms. Two of the symptoms must be tied to an impairment of social interaction and a third must be an impairment in communication. A fourth symptom must be related to a restricted or repetitive behavior.

In order for autism to qualify as a disability eligible for social security, there are two tiers of requirements that must be met. In the first tier, all of the conditions must be met. Once these requirements have been met, specific criteria related to the child’s age must be met as well.

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