Astrocytoma and Social Security

Among the many types of cancer that can develop in the brain, astrocytoma is among the most common and most severe. Cases of astrocytoma are commonly divided into four grades of severity, with Grade 1 being the lowest. The survivability of malignant astrocytoma is very low, but the Social Security Administration has made monetary allowances available for victims of astrocytoma and their families.

Grade 1 astrocytomas are the least aggressive and can often be successfully treated with surgery and radiation. Unfortunately Grade 1 tumors are the rarest. Grade 2 tumors are also very rare, and are more common among young people. Although these tumors can also be treated with surgery, they are likelier to penetrate deeper into the brain and are prone to recurring.

Grades 3 and 4 are the most severe, with Grade 4 being both the most aggressive and most common kind of brain tumor in humans. The prognosis for someone with a Grade 4 astrocytoma is bleak: even with aggressive treatment, median life expectancy after diagnosis is 12 months. Patients rarely make it beyond three years. Anyone who has developed brain cancer is potentially eligible for assistance from the Social Security Administration.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a Grade 3 or Grade 4 astrocytoma, the Social Security Administration can give you what is called a compassionate allowance: an immediate “forward” to help you with expenses related to your illness, given before the SSA issues an official decision. Filing for a compassionate allowance is much the same as filing for disability, and both processes should be undertaken simultaneously.

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