Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Many Americans are afflicted by panic and anxiety attacks that make it difficult to function in the everyday working world. Some people face such frequent attacks that working becomes impossible.

Panic attacks and anxiety attacks are very similar. They are very sudden, discrete and short periods of intense anxiety coupled with mounting physiological arousal, fear, stomach problems, and various types of discomfort that are all triggered by variety of somatic and cognitive symptoms.

When a person experiences a panic attack, the onset of the episode or attack is typically extremely sudden and abrupt. The attacks may have no obvious triggers making the attacks appear to be random. While they may appear random, the attacks are really a subset of the fight or flight evolutionary response. Unfortunately, these attacks occur out of context when there isn’t really anything to fight or from which to flee. The fight or flight response floods the body with hormones, particularly adrenaline, which are all aimed at defending the body against harm.

It is commonly said that experiencing a full panic attack is one of the most frightening, upsetting, and uncomfortable experiences of any person’s life. These attacks, according to the American Psychological Association, typically last around thirty minutes. While this is normal, it is not rare for an attack to be a mere 15 seconds or go on for hours in a sort of cyclical series of episodes.

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