Adult Guardianship

Following a severe injury or illness, an adult who, until this point, has operated on his or her own completely sufficiently, may require help to get by on a daily basis. When this is true, a guardian may be appointed by a court to ensure that the basic needs of the individual are met.

A guardianship is a legal right that is assigned to an adult. The right makes the individual responsible for the food, health care, housing, and other requirements of a person who has been determined to be either fully or partially incapable of providing the necessities of life for him or herself. This incapability may be due to an accident, a severe injury, or even some forms of illness.

There are a variety of circumstances which dictate when it may be necessary to petition a court to appoint a legal guardian. Some of these instances include:

  • People who have a mental or physical problem(s) that prevents them from taking care of basic needs
  • People who are in danger of substantial harm due to their inability to provide the basics for themselves
  • People who do not have an individual legally authorized to assume responsibility for them

In some very limited cases, a court may appoint an emergency guardian for a person. An emergency guardian acts on their charge’s behalf during a crisis and continues to act until the individual regains his or her ability to make their own decisions.

Once a guardian is appointed, it is possible for a person to resume complete control of his or her life.

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